Would Jesus Tweet?

What would happen if Jesus was born in our timeline? Scientists have been studying ‘The Shroud of Turin’ for decades. Imagine if they had a blood sample from Christ – they would go nuts. Would the 2012 version of the Virgin Mary be totally vindicated? What would God’s DNA really look like?

How would Jesus deal with the world of today? Would he have an IPhone – if so what apps would he have? Would he sms people? ‘LOL its Jesus xo.’ Would He be on Facebook? Play Bejewelled? Would he watch TV? Would He play ‘Settlers of Catan’? Would He eat McDonalds or do some macro organic thing? Where would He work? Would he wear skinny jeans? Would he use ‘product’ in His hair? Who would be part of His twelve? Would there be any woman amongst the disciples? Would he still teach in parables? Or would He tweet instead ‘……Come follow me…..and have new life and a latte…..’ or something like that?

The one thing I don’t have to wonder is ‘How would Jesus drive?’. We own a 6 cylinder car but I think my husband John flicks some secret switch under the dash and disables four of them every time he drives. It’s as if I was driving with an 80 year old version of Jesus.

When Jesus came to Earth the first time He didn’t act like anyone thought God should act. He broke social norms and rules constantly. The people loved him, the religious groups were threatened by him and the Roman leaders at the time didn’t know what to do with him so they handed him over to be killed.

Jesus has always offended people and when you talk about Him today people are still upset at His name. So how does a man who only formerly ministered for three and half years with 12 disciples be still having an impact on the world over 2000 years later? Christianity is reported to have about 2 billion followers worldwide. A third of the world’s population. So what did He do to transform a group of mostly fisherman into a contemporary worldwide religion? Simply, Jesus was the real deal! The disciples knew it then and people are still knowing it today. Jesus IS living in our timeline in the hearts of men, woman and children everywhere.

His love for all men is as real today as it was when He lived on Earth. It is completely irresistible, captivating, infectious, fulfilling, consuming, life-changing, inclusive, powerful and utterly perfect in every way. Nothing compares to it and once you truly encounter its fullness you wouldn’t give it up even if someone offered you a million dollars for it. His love is capable of overcoming every offence you have with Him. The way you think about Him has never changed the way He feels about you.

Over and Out,

Catherine xo

4 Comments to “Would Jesus Tweet?”

  1. This is great Catherine… I reckon one of the things Jesus’ love does – to use a very 21st Century word – is empower me. It empowers me as I grapple with the things I need to do better or do away with and it empowers me to keep pressing on. To define this His love authorises and enables me… just as it did for those He taught, touched and healed in the Gospels and all who have accepted Him thereafter.

    Love ‘Side by Side’!

    • John, thank you for your words of encourgement and your right HIs loves does ’empower’ us. That’s exactly what He did over and over and over again with people. Off the top of my head the ‘story of the woman at the well’, ‘the woman who was going to be stoned for adultery’, ‘one of the thieves next to Him on the cross’. Love and life dripped from His lips empowering people everywhere He went.

      Catherine xoxo

  2. Thanks Darren for your feedback. Jesus would have to have the best Public Relations team ever to handle such incidents as depicted in John 9:6 – ‘ Then he spit on the ground, made mud with the saliva, and spread the mud over the blind man’s eyes.’

  3. Good comments Catherine, I think your comments about what would Jesus do if he was here now is very thought provoking. I personally doubt he would be normally speaking in a church. More open air, maybe half time at mcg. Would he have a chance to speak if he had a phone, he would have constant phone calls and txts. Well done Catherine.

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