Love Him, Love Him not

Have you ever thought ‘How can God claim that He loves the world but allow so many horrible things to happen to it and in it?’ Why does God allow rape, sexual abuse of children, cancer and all manner of natural disasters to take lives?

God desired to experience love. So He created a man and a woman and He placed them in ‘perfect paradise’, disease and death did not exist. In the ‘cool of the day’ He would walk and talk with them. He wanted them to love Him but He would not take that love by force so He gave them the ‘freedom to choose’ to love Him or love Him not. These very first people used their ‘right to choose’ to demonstrate distrust and rebellion toward God. They chose not to accept His love and their actions broke relationship with Him and they were exiled from their home and separated from His love. Dire consequences followed not just for them but for all of mankind. They unwittingly introduced ‘decay’ to Planet Earth. You and I inherited a world that was already ‘dying.’ Earthquakes and all manner of natural disasters are just our Earth ‘groaning in its slow demise unto death’.

Before knowing Jesus, I always wanted to be rich and famous, I loved myself more than others, I was proud, abusive, disobedient to my parents, ungrateful, unforgiving, I lacked self control, I was aggressive, mean, violent, I displayed anti-social behaviour, I was easily angered, conceited, manipulative, controlling, foul mouthed  and I did what felt good to me. I was a ‘damaged person ‘who made ‘damaging choices’ with my ‘free will.’ No different from the first people.

It is not God that commits acts of rape. It is not God who sexually abuses children.  It is not God who drives planes into buildings. It is not God that gives people cancer. It was not God’s choice for us to leave ‘paradise’.

But God had a master plan and from the moment I was born He wooed me with His love. He demonstrated how far He was prepared to go by giving up the life of His one and only Son for me. Through one man ‘death’ entered the world but through another ‘Life’. God promises that through Jesus we can come to live with Him again, this time forever. The life we live here is really just a ‘blink of an eye’ compared to all of eternity with Him.

With my ‘free will’ I chose to ‘love Him’ and to live my life according to His plan and purposes. Despite the obvious ravages of disease and the suffering it causes, the effects to Earth as it slowly rots away and our inevitable death I can see that God is not responsible for any of it, even though I blamed Him for most of it.

My life has found meaning in the present because my hope for the future has been made secure. This life is not an end but a beginning.

Over and Out,

Catherine xo

4 Comments to “Love Him, Love Him not”

  1. Thanks Ange K. You inspire me xox

  2. Thanks, Catherine. It’s so hard to commit to words the profound hope, confidence, healing and freedom that come when you chose to accept God’s love and let it invade you, but your blog shows the way to that.

  3. Thanks again Godsgal. xox

  4. Great article Catherine. 🙂 xo

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