Comparing yourself to other unique people

Here’s a bunch of statements that you may agree with:

Every Christian within the body of Christ is unique.

Every Christian is gifted by God to play a role within his kingdom.

No Christian can validly say to another that their role does not count.

Your unique gifts are for you to fulfil your part in the kingdom of God.

No one else has the same role as you.

You probably got your head around these when you were a new-ish Christian.  You might have been taught them or you read 1 Corinthians 12, or both.

Whilst I think that Christians generally give mental assent to these things, we still find it hard to actually believe them deep down.  This can be the case even when we have been serving God for many years.

The reason for this is that it is human nature to compare ourselves with others.  The minute that a Christian begins to compare themselves with others all the statements above have been forgotten.  When you start comparing yourself to others you cannot win.  You are unique.  Your set of gifts is unique.  The time and place that God has put you in is unique.  The needs he has called you to meet are unique.  When you compare yourself to others you are ignoring your uniqueness and measuring yourself against the wrong standard.  The person you are comparing yourself to has different gifts, a different call, different needs around them and a different God given personality.

Comparing yourself to others is like measuring your height on the Richter scale.  It’s like measuring your driving speed on the bathroom scales.  It is nonsensical because you were never designed to be measured against the wrong scale.  You were only ever designed to be measured against the unique calling that God has for you.  In the parable of the talents Jesus did not say to the man who got 5 talents and who made 5 more, “What’s this?  Only 5?  The guy before made 10!”  No, Jesus said, “well done good and faithful servant.”

For a Christian who wants to serve God and is aspiring to leadership you have to have this sorted out.  If there are other people more gifted than you – it’s OK!  If other people are more fruitful than you – it’s OK.

You have to know what gifts you have, what needs God has called you to meet and how you are travelling in doing those things.  When you stand before Him to give an account, what other people did will be the last thing on His mind.  So you might as well get it off your mind right now.

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