An Open Gratitude Letter

A dream of mine came true a couple of years ago. I made it on to a reality TV show! It was a documentary called “House of Food Obsessive’s’. I loved every minute of it. It was a fantastic experience of which I have no regrets. As part of the journey the producers asked us to write a gratitude letter. After much thought I chose to write it to my dearest husband John. I was filmed reading it to him. This is what it said:

Dear John,

I have chosen to write you this gratitude letter to you because I want to thank you for the incredible impact you have made on my life not just as my husband but as my best friend. When we met almost 14 years ago I didn’t know what lay ahead. I would never have guessed then that we would marry, have a gorgeous daughter and live happily ever after.

The things that I like about you the most are your spirit of generosity, your absolute unwavering passion toward politics, sport, God and me. Your gift of wisdom and you’re your application of that in and to real life situations. You continue to reveal a person who is deep and rich in character and godliness.I totally and utterly gave my heart away to you 14 years ago. I thank you for taking me into your heart and making me a part of your family.

We have written a lot of beautiful and meaningful cards to each other over the years and I think they express…..along the way a lot of what I am grateful for…. I have pulled some meaningful quotes from them.

Countdown to the Wedding – February 12, 1999

182 days to go. May the days go fast but be full.

Valentines Day – Married about 6 months – February 14, 2000

Many of the qualities I have looked to Jesus for I have recognized in you. You are my protector, provider, my best friend, my solid rock, my defender, the lover of my soul, my refreshing. You’re so much more things to me then this short list!

Married four years – Easter Day 2003

You are fun to be with and you make me laugh. You are also patient when I need you to be, loving when I am being a sooky la la, strong and wise when I am wacky and you’re a great companion and my heart is all yours forever.

Six years married – March 2, 2005

I enjoy the protection and refuge that you offer as my husband. I feel safe and sure as time moves on around us. You are never far from me…always just close enough for me to reach out to. I thank you for giving me someone to respect and honour. I know you to be a great man with greater greatness yet to be revealed.

Easter 2005

Thank you for your spiritual leadership all these years we have been married. From Easter to Easter in the years to come may you grow in your capacity to be Christ-like. I will follow you as you follow Him.

Fathers Day (Poppy is in utero) September 2006

You will be without doubt an exceptional father to our beautiful baby girl. She will love you to bits just like her mother does. Thank you for taking such good care of me so I could take care of her.

Card to John after being in hospital for 4 months pregnant with Poppy – Oct. 3, 2006

Thank you for being a big part of ‘project nest’. Being apart from you for those 4 months was very difficult and I am so much happier being home with you.’

Random Card April 29, 2007

You’re my best friend John.  I have always enjoyed talking to you even about sports! Thank you for being such a great husband. You’re also an amazing father. You juggle lots of balls in the air and you do it so well.

Valentine’s Day, Married Eight Years – February 14, 2008

Things I love about you over our entire relationship number the stars in the sky – too many to count!

Ninth Wedding Anniversary – August 15, 2008

It is a joy to share the days with you and know that my best friend will be with me always. I love what has been, I live for today and look forward to every day that is to come. Share them all with me.

John’s Birthday – August 12, 2009

Some things I love about you and have for 10 years:

  • Your passion
  • The thinker in you
  • Your love for hugs
  • The great decisions you make for our family
  • Your twinkly blue eyes
  • Your soft gentle nature

Filming for TV show – Thursday 22 July, 2010

You have profoundly changed me John Warren. I am so much more than the sum of my parts because of you and I could never repay you for all the love, adoration and mercy you have shown to me through out our life together. You have been my greatest mentor in this thing we call life and I have learnt so much from you. Thank you, my best and closest friend, my lover and husband , the father of my children and a simple man who loves and lives his life with incredible integrity, incredible passion, incredible wisdom and incredible mercy.

You’re the whole package. My love and respect are yours forever. Thank you for sharing this life with me.

Just another day in Blog World, 27th June, 2012

It is just another joy to share the world of blogging with you. It’s funny that the ‘lemon tree’ which we planted as a symbol of our love continues to die. It’s slow agonising death is more indicative of the fact that we have 2 black thumbs then our love for one another. The truth is we are in a beautiful season of harmony, unity and love. I sense the winds of change swirling about us which will only further enhance our relationship. Our dreams are taking flight…

I love you my darling husband.

Forever and Always,

Catherine xox

PS Who do you need to thank? Who needs to be the recipient of a ‘gratitude letter from you?

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