The Story So Far

We want to thank you for your support of our blogging efforts.

We’ve been going for about 5 months now and are very much enjoying it.  We’ve put up 40 posts on a wide variety of topics and have truly enjoyed sharing some of the wisdom (we hope!) that God has given us.

A funny thing has happened with Catherine’s first ever entry which is titled “Are you a Sherpa?”  The idea is that people sometimes carry burdens that God wants to set us free from.  The Sherpa are actually a people group – a small ethnic group who live mostly in Nepal.  Wikipedia says, “Today, the term is often used casually…by foreigners to refer to almost any guide or porter hired for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas.”  The use of the word in the title was certainly this sort of use – as shorthand for porter or bag-carrier.

Over the last month or 2 we’ve been getting people from all over the world clicking onto that post after putting the word “sherpa” into a search engine.  About half our daily traffic on days that we don’t put up a fresh post is from this source.  It has become our most read post by a big margin.

Catherine often prays about what she writes about.  She’ll often feel led to go in a certain direction.  The funniest occasion was when she put a couple of hours into writing a post, went to have a shower and felt God say to her, “now that I have your attention, I want you to write about this…”  The result was The Secrets that we Keep which has been the 4th most popular post so far.

My (John’s) most popular post was my look at Pentecostal Preaching.  I have written frequently about church issues and also more broadly about Christian living.  I thought that the church ones would have been less popular than those with a broader appeal but it has been about the same.

And I must also admit that Catherine’s posts have been on average WAY more popular than mine.  What can I say?  She’s talented.  I’ve married up.

We want to continue to scratch where people are itching so if there is something that you want us to write more about then let us know.  If you want more of some topics and less of others then let us know.  If you have anything you want to say at all then let us know.



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