Something Smells Bad!

I have a really sensitive sense of smell. I almost vomited when my husband John ‘described’ the smell of the Banyule Tip once. Have you ever opened your fridge door and been confronted by a ‘smell’ that screams ‘you really don’t want to know what I am’?  You’ll do your first reconnaissance of the fridge – piffing week old leftovers,  the half used containers of yogurt, sour cream or cream cheese – smirking to yourself that the you’ve got ‘the culprit’ only to be assailed the next morning by ‘the smell’ again. ‘The ‘smell’ builds momentum overnight and like a bout of morning sickness it hurls itself out of the fridge at you – sliming your nostrils,  smirking ‘you wish you got me that easy Warren…come and find me’. It dares you to play hide and seek and it’s taking prisoners.

Next goes a ‘few jars of this a few jars of that’…you want to cry because you know the lids are containing those miniature mould experiments and they aren’t ‘the culprit’. It is now that I’ll find the liquefied tomato I used half of three weeks ago. The next morning – ‘the smell’ is hideous. It runs out of the fridge and begins to invade your home. You feel like ‘the smell’ is in your clothes and your hair. That’s it – you mount a full-scale expedition to clean out the entire fridge. I call in reinforcements “Joooohhhhnnn  I need your help with something.’ (said in my best ‘Heidi come down from the mountains’ sing song voice’)

John stands with a garbage bag. I’m so serious that I’ve prepared myself to throw away ‘Tupperware’ – not crappy Ikea containers people but Tupperware!!! The strategy is clear ‘the smell’ must be found and eradicated. The kitchen top counter is clear, the sink is ready and John stands with a garbage bad ready to ‘rope and tie’ this beast. I am steeled against the smell – armed with vanilla scented spray, gloves and sponge, I go in. Out comes a small container of innocent looking milk that was hidden all the way at the back– oh yes, we have a contributor people, but alas not ‘the culprit.’ Ahhhhh another contributor – a small piece of blue cheese that has fought off ‘glad wrap suffocation’… leftovers from a great dinner party two months ago. Finally a piece of feta submerged in briny water – bye, bye tupperware, I love you.

My eyes alight on the ‘vegetable crispier’. Nooooo, not in there Lord. I can see an orange liquid about half a centimetre thick on the bottom of the drawer. I know I have to open it. I know ‘the smell’ is in there. God help me, I’m not sure I can do this. I’m not sure at all. I’m too curious though – I have to know the truth. I open the draw and besides some very ‘sad rubbery leprous carrots with massive black spots’ there is nothing else. I know, that I know, that I know that it is in there though. But wait, what is in that green plastic bag tucked under the carrots. It might as well have ‘CULPRIT’ written on it. I found the ‘CULPRIT’…what is it… is …..

…..some ancient brown slimy ‘lettuce’ that has died a very slow and painful death in the vegetable keeper. How can something that looks and tastes so benign smell so bad?

There is something ‘smelling very bad’ in the Earth right now and God is opening a fridge door that no man can shut. Inside is the stench of ‘human trafficking’. Wikipedia defines ‘human trafficking’ as the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour, or a modern-day form of slavery. Human trafficking is a lucrative industry. It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable illegal industry in the world.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. It is landlocked between Romania and the Ukraine. The nation has 14,000 orphans who live in 59 government run orphanages across this small country. At the age of 16 a teenager is thrust out of the orphange with the equivlant of $30 and a bus ticket. They are easy pickings for human traffickers. Phillip Cameron is the founder of ‘Stella’s Voice’ which runs an independent orphanage in Moldova. Stella was a young handicapped orphan who was kidnapped and sold to sex traffickers. Powerless to defend herself against evil men she was used and abused till she died of HIV at 19 years of age.  This organization is her voice to the world. ‘Stella’s Voice’ is the voice of the Moldova orphan.

A kidnapper will sell a girl for as little as $3500 to human traffickers and she is likely to make about $300,000 as a sex slave. Moldova is considered to be the source engine for sex trafficking/human trafficking in Europe. Possibly ½ a million young woman have been abducted from Moldova alone – it is difficult to substantiate the numbers because no one cares and no one notices when an orphan is taken. The US Ambassador called it a “Silent Genocide” of the countries young women.

Personally I am not willing to tolerate ‘the smell’ any longer. About 10 years ago I watched an episode on 60 minutes about Thai children forced into prostitution. I couldn’t cope with what I saw. I felt helpless. I despaired at the depravity of humanity to do such things and I just buried my head in the ground. Many people are pulling their heads out of the ground and there are many organisations today that are making some headway tackling this problem. One that I have come across which is doing some brilliant work in this area is the A21 Campaign. It is spear-headed by a dynamic speaker called Christine Caine who suffered sexual abuse as a child.

Maybe you’re able to live with ‘the smell’ a little longer. But maybe you’re like me and you just don’t know what to do to help. No one can make you resource yourself but if you follow either of the links provided to Stella’s Voice or The A21 Campaign they give some helpful and practical solutions about how you can help. Please avail yourself of these resources and start to help to clean out the fridge because it STINKS!


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