Confessions of a Teenage Wobbler

After leaving home at 16 years old I came to live in the garden shed of a school friend (with her parent’s permission). I came up to the main house for meals and showers but I slept and socialized in the shed. It was very small but very, very cool. It seems ludicrous now but at the time it was safe, it was home and it was all mine. I loved it and so did most of the teens in the neighbourhood and wherever teens congregate so do stupid ideas.

One of the best of those stupid ideas was Wobbling. It was our once a month Friday and Saturday night activity. A small group of us numbering about 10 would all sneak out of our homes (if required) and we would gather at Wobble Corner (Banks Rd and Wattletree Rd, Eltham North.)  Back then there was a very thick and deep pine forest on your right as you drove down Wattletree Rd.  It is important to note that the road changed cement types about half way down and if you were listening you could easily hear when the car got to this point. The change in noise was distinctive and important especially for the commencement of Wobbling.

I have no idea whose original idea it was but here is the story of the Wobble’s of which I was known as the ‘Head Wobbler’. We were an alien species which had landed from another planet. We were a nocturnal creature whose gait was more like a wobble than a walk. A Wobbler was a person under a big blanket who would squat and jump up and down and also wobble back and forth in a random pattern. We would situate ourselves at Wobble Corner on the top of a cement drain. As a car travelled south along Wattletree Rd and veered to the left at Banks Rd. it was possible for an observant driver to just see this random colourful shape wobbling around the perimeter of there peripheral vision. Each Wobbler bought personality and individuality to their blanket choice and signature Wobble moves and I personally lay claim to perfecting the ‘bouncing wobble’.

The reward was instanteous. Drivers would toot and often turn around to come back for a second look. Everyone not wobbling watched out for the safety of the Wobbler on deck.  If there was any hint of danger they would yell out to the Wobbler and all would run into the pine forest. Sometimes the Police responded to complaints about us and  they would come out with this big search light and beam it into the woods, but we would just laugh at them – safe in the woods we all knew well.  The coup d’état of our whole adventure came when a couple of camera men from the Mike Willessee show came back a couple of weeks in a row trying to convince us to be part of a piece on current teenage activities.  We declined. We were of course a secret organisation till now. The most dangerous moment for any Wobbler came one night when a flat-bed tow truck coming from the south end of Wattletree Rd skidded to a halt in shock at seeing the Wobble and the smashed up car on the back which was clearly not strapped down properly started to slide off.  As I peered out from underneath my blanket I could see the undercarriage of half a car hanging over the top of me. Scary!We primarily wobbled for cars travelling down from the  North end of Wattletree Rd for this very reason.

Wobbling came to an abrupt end when one rainy wet night a car lost control after getting a scare after sighting a Wobble and then nearly crashed but for a well placed driveway it drove very rapidly up. It was the first time anything like that happened and the last. We abandoned wobbling for other probably more self-destructive activities instead. In many ways wobbling was a clean activity. Excessive alcohol made you slow and an easy target for police or bad people so we rarely drank and wobbled.

What possible point could I draw from sharing this experience? It was fun! Being a committed Christian for the last 25 years means that people put me into this nice conservative, boring box and they think I have no idea what a good time is. Yes, I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs anymore but I do enjoy life – do you really think that someone who found great joy in wobbling could not find a way to enjoy a life in service of God? I truly feel like I am living the ‘abundant life’. Are we not made in His image – doesn’t our love of laughter, happiness and joy truly reflect the very nature of our maker within us? Or did a dour and sour faced God create a people not like Himself! Please don’t put me in a box because I’ll just have to break out of – in my Wobble blanket! Take care of your front yard you might just see me there.

Over and Out,

Catherine xo


2 Comments to “Confessions of a Teenage Wobbler”

  1. Your antics have always made me laugh!

    • Michelle, I am so glad I bring some laughter and joy to your life. I am one Crazy woman! You don’t do too bad yourself!!

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