Father’s day: Happiness or Heartache

Today is Father’s Day in Australia and first thing this morning my daughter Poppy ran into our bedroom and yelled Happy Father’s day to her dad. He was given kisses, hugs, presents and a beautiful handmade card. She totally loves and adores her dad and she showed it. I smiled as I the two of them interact . My heart sung at the beauty and closeness of their relationship.

We got ready for church and headed out. At church the Dad’s were totally loved on and they all got a burger voucher and a chocolate bar. Yum!  All morning up until this moment my thoughts were all about John and celebrating him as a Father but then for the first time my thoughts turned to my own Father.

The truth is I currently have no relationship with my father. It has been a painful and complex relationship for us both for many years but I can truly say I wish my Father the happiest of days today. While I won’t see him, I do honour him in my heart. I no longer grieve, suffer disappointment or sit in a place of rejection because of what has happened between us. I’m not angry, bitter or after revenge. I am finally at peace with the way things are.  I thought to myself in that moment at church today  ‘How is this so? How did I arrive at this place of peace?  because it sort of suprised me.  I realised that’s it’s because I was adopted by a second Father. A Father who accepts me, understands me and has never rejected me. Not once, not ever. He has always provided for me, always dreamed big things for my life and has always, always loved me unconditionally.

I am talking about my heavenly Father.  I looked up to heaven today at church and I said with my whole heart “Happy Father’s Day God, I love you.” And with that I cried tears of gratitude and joy because I am feel so greatly loved by my dad who also just happens to be the King of the Universe. His love is lavish and has completely satisfied every human need I have for significance and acceptance. His love delights me and fills my heart to overflowing. I am completely at peace in His presence.

Maybe Fathers day is not the day you want it to be for a number of reasons but it is absolutely possible to find peace no matter your situation. Father God deeply loves you and looks over your life just wanting to be a part of it.

Over and Out,

Catherine xo

2 Comments to “Father’s day: Happiness or Heartache”

  1. I shared your thoughts and reflections today. I don’t have a father now because he passed away but he was often my harshest critic always putting me down. Pappa God loves me with a passion and picked me up to bring me to the other side of the world, where he has been rebuilding me a new.

    • When I was 18 I emigrated to Canada. It was a very healing time for me. Pappa God does love you with a passion. He chose you and then adopted you. You are His and He is yours. May your heart, mind and soul be well within you. Catherine xo

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