The Invisible Network of Love

Six years ago I arrived at Mothers Group for the very first time. Poppy was about 6 weeks old and she had fallen asleep in the car on the way. It was a sunny day not quite 30 degrees but starting to get hotter.  I found a car park in the shade nearby and started unloading all the baby paraphernalia.  As I came around to get Poppy out I suddenly realised I had locked the keys and my mobile phone in the car.  I became instantly hysterical. I went from zero to 10 in just one second. Even though the car was quite cool, visions of a cooked baby sprang into my mind.  I accosted a random stranger for their phone and in the process infected them with my hysteria to the point that I had to physically stop them from smashing the car window with a brick.  They suggested I phone the police – so I did. Within what seemed like seconds I could hear sirens approaching. A police car, fire engine and ambulance all arrived at once.  Poppy remained asleep completely unaware of the commotion around her. The hysterical stranger was still hovering around with ‘the brick’ in hand ready to assist – thank God the police moved them on.

Once help arrived I did what any respecting mother would do I promptly burst in to tears muttering something about being the worst mother in the world. I had to be calmed. All three emergency services went to great efforts to get the car open. They tried going through the boot, forcing a window down but nothing seemed to work. Our 1990 Mazda 626 was showing itself to be quite burglar proof. Who knew?  They were very close to smashing a window when one of the ambo’s who owned an old Mazda 626 decided to try his car key in the driver’s side door. Miraculously it opened! OMG! As he opened the door cool air smacked him in the face so the car was still very pleasantly cool. NO cooking of babies today. It was only at this moment that I surveyed the scene. I had three emergency vehicles with whirling lights parked on the street beside my car a ¼ of a block from the maternal health centre where I was going to my first mother’s group appointment. I nearly just jumped in my car and went home then. I had heard horror stories about these groups and I had been very apprehensive about attending.

Upon arrival, I couldn’t believe it – no one from my mother’s group saw my misdemeanour, so I shared with them what happened anyway. They all laughed and shared stories of there own misadventures which both disturbed me and comforted me at the same time. The long and short was I felt completely loved by this bunch of new mums. Unfortunately I don’t see any of them anymore but that day showed me the best that we can be as a collective. Other mums can be your greatest source of encouragement and support. They’re like this invisible network of love ready to give you advice, empathy and help when needed. Thank you to all the mums that have stepped in and babysat Poppy in a pinch, branched out in the mall looking for my ‘lost’ child or just encouraged me when I truly believed I was the worst mother in the world.

I have determined to be a part of this wonderful organic machine – this invisible network of love. My motto is this: If I can say yes to any request – I will. You may not be a mum because you’re a dad, you’re single, married with no kids or your kids are all grown up – but you’ve probably been pulled into this invisible network of love by a mum in need. We all salute you ‘loving’ on us with whatever we have needed. A few hours sleep while we are sick, cooking a meal, cleaning our house or mowing the grass. As a working mum now faced with my first school holidays I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of this invisible network of love to help me out. I may never be able to repay you but I will certainly pay it forward.

Thank you again.

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxo

4 Comments to “The Invisible Network of Love”

  1. Totally relate to this Catherine… having no family here, us girls put down our roots far and wide and before you know it a support network has been established, be it for a short time or forever.

    You’re a fabulous mother Catherine, the Giver of good Gifts so knew what he was doing when young Poppy was placed into your hands. You are the perfect mother for her. I know we are stretched as mothers but not beyond what God has designed or given us resources for.

    Love ya posts

    Luci x

    • Luci, you are a beautiful person and it has been a delight to get to know you in the kitchen. Thank you for your feedback.

      Catherine xoxo

  2. Nice Blog Catherine I agree if you can say yes to a request then you should , good stuff keep it up

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