Let’s Talk About Money

I don’t mind talking about money but I realise that others aren’t so comfortable. It is such a huge area of our lives that receives very little monitoring by others and because of that we can become unbalanced in our habits and attitude. Most people will become highly offended and irritated if you ask too many questions about what they earn and what they do with their money. Culturally it is an off-limits area yet so many people carry bad debt and they are embarrassed to admit about it – even to themselves. The opposite can be true as well – others have prospered financially in life and this can create a false sense of security. Having lots of money doesn’t mean your life is more secure than anyone else’s. You might be happier (arguably!!!) but your life might be required of you this day and no matter your bank balance you have no way of avoiding that.

Everybody has ‘time’ and most people have money – however limited. Where you put those two things as a rule is where your heart and priorities lie. Time wise – Where does the bulk of your time go after earning an income or looking after the kids? Money wise – after you’ve paid your mortgage/rent and bills where does your discretionary money go? What do you choose to do with your money? If you can answer these questions you’ll quickly discover what is important to you. When John and I were friends one of the things I disliked about him was I thought he was cheap and nasty. He would let his really thick hair grow long and out of control to save money on haircuts. Meanwhile the ‘80’s were calling – they wanted their mullet back! One day I confronted him about it. After giving him a speech citing numerous examples of his stinginess he responded with this. You’re right Catherine, I am cheap when it comes to spending money on me but when it comes to God and his people I am generous. He then proceeded to tell me what money he had given away of recent. The more he spoke the smaller I felt. I was so wrong about him. His heart was firmly in the kingdom of God and I promptly fell in love with him – generosity is so attractive!

God leads the way in generosity. He reveals His generous nature in the abundance of His creation and the length He has goes demonstrate His un-conditional, ever lasting love for us. Why is it then – given that we are made in His image that we more often demonstrate qualities of greed, self-interest and pride. We are so obsessed with ourselves to the point that we routinely overlook the needs and lives of others around us.

I have been challenged by something John said to me years ago when I asked him – How do you know if you are greedy?  He said that the only cure for greed is ‘being generous’. I have made it a personal habit to be generous with not only money – but my time and my help.  If every single person in the church cultivated an attitude of generosity in all that they had I wonder what the church of Jesus Christ would look like. Beautiful is what I think!

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxo

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2 Comments to “Let’s Talk About Money”

  1. John reminds me of a friend of mine from grad school. He lived in a one room apartment and had a futon as both a couch and bed. We used to take turns studying and eating at each others place. One day I went over to his apartment and found he no longer had a futon. I sat awkwardly on the floor for awhile before I worked up the nerve to ask him, “Hey, didn’t you used to have a futon?” He told me he did but explained that there was a family that went to his church that had lost everything in a fire. Someone had given them a room, but there was no bed. So, he had given them his futon and the whole family slept on it together. I don’t know what happened to the family, but I do know that I brought my friend over to my house, cooked him dinner, and offered my couch as a sleeping spot for as long as he wanted it.

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