A Tale of Two Collisions

We have been writing this blog, weekly, since March of this year and there have been two posts that God has told me to write that I didn’t want to. One of those posts was about me giving someone the bird on the way to church (click here to read about that) and the other is this blog post. God likes to stick His finger in the yucky bits of my life and expose my shame so that I can get healing and others who read it can too. In the process of writing and editing and rewriting I find that God steps into my situation and He redeems and reconciles the whole darn tooting mess for His Glory and my freedom. I hope that is where we are going today.

Soooo….here is my secret. While driving to work, a couple of weeks ago, I took my usual shortcut through some narrow back streets.  I was getting over to the left to give an oncoming car more room and I accidentally knocked the side mirror of a parked car but I just kept on driving. Part of me panicked and part of me didn’t really know what had happened as I had been so focused on watching the other car pass on my right I didn’t see what I hit on my left. When I stopped at a set of lights I noticed my side mirror had closed and the mirror part was falling out.  For days and weeks I have wrestled with what to do. The car I hit could have been one of three cars that are parked there every morning. I have no idea which car it is. None of them appear to have any damage but I haven’t had the courage to stop and have a closer look.

I didn’t feel right about it. I had no peace about it. I wanted to make things right but I had no idea how to do that.  Was I put a note on all three cars – ‘Hi there…I might have hit your car mirror a few weeks ago but I drove off but now I want to make things right. Here are my details – call me.’ Am I being pathetic by wanting to ‘make things right’? What does that even look like now, three weeks later? Do I need to just let it go? Is there anything to be gained? In the end I got so confused that I prayed and asked God to help me ‘make it right.’ That very same day I left work and parked my car at the shops and I went to pick my daughter up from school. We went to the shops after that. When I returned to my car 45 minutes later there was a note on the driver’s side window. Someone had ‘scraped’ the rear end bumper of my white car leaving copious amounts of blue paint behind. A lady having coffee witnessed the whole thing and left me a note with her phone number, the license plate number of the car and its make and model.

When I arrived home I phoned the witness. She told me the driver was a young lady – a P-plater. Apparently after she scraped my car she got out of her car, had a look at mine, quickly got back in, and drove off. I phoned my insurance company and was advised to physically go to the Police Station to retrieve the other driver’s details with the rego number. From the moment it happened I couldn’t help but think of my prayer that morning to God – ‘to make things right’. I went to the Police Station and learnt that ‘my witness’ (God Bless her) had recorded the wrong license plate details. I was so relieved because by this point I didn’t want to do anything about the car. I saw this terrified young female P-plater getting a call from the police and freaking out. I didn’t want that for her. Her conscience would bother her enough as mine had.

What I’ve realised is that there are people that we have wronged and for whatever reason may not able to make it right with them because they are no longer part of our lives. It might be because of death, distance or broken relationship. There are people who will never hear my request for forgiveness, know my remorse or hear my suggested restitution. The reverse is also true – there are people who have wronged me that will never be able to ask for my forgiveness. How do we ‘make things right’ in these circumstances? God knows the heart of every soul and has the authority and power to extend forgiveness to us even when we can’t make amends directly. I can’t explain it but I feel like my account with the car I hit is settled. I feel as if my prayer ‘to makes things right’ is done and complete. By asking forgiveness for what I did and offering forgiveness for what was done to me, I feel like I put both situations into God’s hands and He has ripped the debts up.

All is well with my soul. Peace rules again. Yay.

Over and Out,

Catherine xox

2 Comments to “A Tale of Two Collisions”

  1. Bravely written Catherine! You’re honesty with us all opens a way for you. I think many of us have found ourselves in those dilemmas of our own doing. Bravo.

    • You say I am brave but I feel quite vunerable right now. God wants us all to be free of our secrets, our shame and our sin. The enenmy lies to us and creates a culture of fear around being honest and real. I wish I didn’t care so much about what others think of me. I didn’t write the post to tackle that in myself though, I simply wrote the post because God told me to. I thank you so much for your encourgement. If my post brings the tiniest piece of freedom for someone then it was all worth it. xoxoxo

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