Lost Things

I came home from picking Poppy up from school yesterday, unlocked the house and dumped all the school and work paraphernalia on the kitchen table. A while later we went to go out and I couldn’t find the car keys. After 45 minutes of  John and I both searching we ended up borrowing my mum’s car. Upon returning home John and I spent a further two hours searching and looking for the keys to no avail.

I went to bed stressed at about 11.30 pm with no keys. At 3.30 am I got up and started searching and at 5.42 am I finally found the keys in the sewing kit. Why was I looking in the sewing kit…..why not? I’d looked in the freezer – in fact two freezers, the microwave, the dishwasher, the washing machine and stared at the toilet accusingly more than once.  The sewing kit had been on the table next to where I’d dumped all of the stuff when I came home. It had been put away in its correct spot before the search party for keys had begun. All that time they were sitting in there.

I have a bit of a reputation for finding lost stuff. John once lost his wedding ring when coming home from work, waking through the MCG grounds. I prayed and God told me the ring was inside the couch?? We picked up the couch and shook it. Sure enough we could hear it rattling around. People phone me and ask me to pray and I find their ‘lost things’. Another time Poppy lost her Guggy (Beloved Beanie Bear) at home. We searched and searched and then God showed me she was inside something ‘white’. I found her shortly after inside the salad spinner.

When I found the keys this morning I started to cry. Really I did. I was so relieved. We do not have a spare key because it costs a couple of hundred dollars to get one cut – that’s when you have a key to copy. To ask them to create a key without a key – I was feeling sick thinking about how much that would cost. On top of that it was my fault. I had lost them. I felt terribly guilty.  From that first moment when we realised they were ‘lost’ I was consumed with the whole thing. I couldn’t think of anything else but finding those keys. The four hours sleep I got was restless and exhausting.

I often wonder in these moments if God can relate to how I feel. I mean, how does God lose anything. He’s like an all-seeing Big Brother Camera. Immediately this thought jumps into my mind jolting me out of my self-absorbed state. Yes! He understands what it is like to lose something because for a while there He lost me. The lyrics from ‘Amazing Grace’ come to my mind:

I once was lost
But now am found
Was blind but now I see

God lost me! I was living my life without Him. Completely unaware He was looking for me. Then He found me and I found Him. The joy God must feel at just one ‘lost thing’ being found must be incredible. When one soul turns to the Spirit that created it and says ‘I love you’, there must be such rapture in the heart of God. Yes, I do believe God understands what it was like for me to lose those keys. He loses people everyday and sometimes they go so far away from Him that they put themselves in a place He can’t find them.

In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxo

3 Comments to “Lost Things”

  1. You write so calmly, and I wonder if you were able to stay like that! Seriously, I do have trouble remaining civil when something like that happens, even though I know it is on God’s to do list with me. As important as these things are they pale beside souls and eternity. I still get upset over lost things. I might be found, but that receipt…

    • I might write calmly buy I was not calm at all looking for those keys!! I was very upset but God can and does ‘work all things together for his purposes’. Thank you for your comments. Blessings to you, may you never loose anything again. Catherine xo

      • Thanks! What a life I would have if nothing ever went astray! I could live with that. Since it has a low possibility, I will keep working on seeing with God’s eyes. May you go without losing …

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