Dream Interpretation

Everybody dreams. It is a commonality amongst mankind to have them. Everybody wonders if there dream means something more than what is maybe obvious. Have you ever had a sense that your dream contained a message? To find a message or meaning in any dream we need to first establish authorship. It makes sense that the author of the dream is able to bring meaning to the dream.

Establishing Authorship

There are four possible authors for any dream:

  • You : Our own mind, body and soul can and does author dreams. It could just be the putting away of the day or a situation. Medication, food, alcohol and drugs can cause us to have powerful and illustrative dreams that find their authorship in our own subconscious.
  •  Demonic Dreams: Satan can and does give us dreams that originate in the kingdom of darkness. They are typified by fear, destruction, death and lies. They are designed to scare, intimidate and dismantle the kingdom of God in our hearts. Sometimes they are subtle but most of the time quite obvious.
  • Angelic and God Dreams: God and his Angelic Host speak to people through dreams and there are many examples of that in the bible.

The Ministry of Dream Interpretation

If God does speak through dreams it is legitimate to explore the notion of ‘dream interpretation’. I think some Christians equate this to horoscopes or palm reading but ultimately once God-authorship is established there is adequate scripture and biblical examples that show us that there are those that can practice this legitimate ministry of interpreting them. Daniel and Joseph both interpreted others dreams.

A number of years ago I did a 40 day fast. During the fast I started to have strong and vivid dreams. They were most definitely ‘God dreams’.  I awoke one morning after having one of these dreams and immediately my hands flew to my mouth. I felt around for my front teeth. In the dream I had been looking in a mirror and when I opened my mouth my front teeth were shattered but then they grew back whiter and stronger than ever. I had no idea what the dream meant but I knew that it meant something! God spoke clearly – He said ‘You are going to lose face for a time but I will restore it better and more than it was before’. When this situation arose a short time later I held fast to that dream and its promise of restoration. The possibility of this was unlikely but  God was true to His dream to me and the relationship was fully restored beyond measure.

Here are some simple but helpful tips to interpreting your dreams:

1. Establish Authorship: Ask the Lord, is this you?

2. Keep a dream diary. Things to notice:

  • Dreams from God never come to leave us in the dark but to reveal something of God to us (Numbers 12:6). They are worth writing down.
  •  Reflect on how you felt, what you saw and who was there. All these add up to give you the full message of what is being said or revealed to you.
  •  Note colours, numbers and symbols, who was in the dream, where were you. Were you an observer or were you actually part of the dream? Ask God to help you understand what the details mean. Don’t make assumptions.

3. Ask the Lord was this dream for you or someone else?

4.  What type of dream was it? A warning, a future event, an encouragement, a   directional dream?

5.    It is worth noting that if a dream is repeated it often means the matter is decided or determined by God (Gen 41:32).

6.   Does the dream line up with God’s word?

7.   Some dreams are literal and need little interpretation. For example, God could warn you about making a journey or about making a certain decision. Joseph and the Wise Men had dreams like this in Matthew 2. The dreams were clear and needed no interpretation.

Recently Poppy has being praying for God dreams. After not having one on the first night she awoke and yelled accusingly ‘Mum, you’ve tooken all the God dreams’. I reassured her that God has enough dreams for everyone…..

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxo

3 Comments to “Dream Interpretation”

  1. Well laid out. I have worked with dreams for many years. I observe this if I am reading Scripture correctly, that predictive dreams require interpretation (eg Joseph to Pharaoh and Daniel) because the content is outside our experience. But notice that Joseph’s dreams while at home needed no interpretation because, while they appear predictive, they in fact reveal what was already happening in the family (Jacob’s favoritism). So I have come to teach and use that most dreams need translation, not interpretation, because they are “spoken” in a metaphoric language. That is why a dream of seconds can carry a near lifetime of experience! Anyway, you have a solid approach and not a goofy one that so many books in stores use. We need more such items out there. Actually, when I say that, perhaps you are inspiring me to do just that since I no longer have a clinical or pastoral practice. Hmm

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