Fighting Back!

boxing glovesDo you ever feel attacked, like everything is suddenly coming against you? A number of years ago I had a “God dream’ warning me of an impending attack. In the dream I was standing on raised wooden platform in a field of tall long grass. Suddenly a snake came out of the grass and became airborne darting for me. I ducked and swerved managing not to get hit, but it kept attacking me. Its attack eventually failed. When I woke up I knew that the dream was a warning and God confirmed to me that I was going to come under some kind of attack.

Imagine, if you will, the enemy’s war room. His purpose is to bring you down and in the process throw whatever doubt He can on his arch-enemy – God. He strategizes all night long with his minions coming up with brilliant plans to have your car break down on the way to work, your purse stolen and purposes to cause a fight between you your partner or blow you a bout of the flu. Thankfully the Holy Spirit is sitting in on those meetings too and He’s taking notes! The Holy Spirit does everything He can to then prepare you to thwart these attacks the enemy has planned for you.

In Isaiah ch.7 there is a story about two kings conspiring and aligning forces to attack another King called Ahaz. God sends the prophet Isaiah to instruct King Ahaz on how to respond to this attack.  In a nutshell this is what he says:

Be Careful, Keep Calm, Don’t be afraid and Don’t lose heart.

Be careful

About a year ago I was shopping at the mall. I was leaving the toilets when a girl and I knocked each others elbows as we walked by each other. Unbeknownst to me her arm was in a sling under her sweater. She cried out in pain and her boyfriend who was waiting outside for her threatened to hurt me. Despite apologising profusely he threatened to bash me but he was delayed by seeing if his girlfriend was ok. I left the toilet area quickly. The danger felt very real and I was very scared but I had the sense to be careful and I hid in a clothing shop and left the mall quickly.

 Keep calm

My friend and I visited the fish market early in the morning to buy the ‘catch of the day’. On the way home we heard the sickening noise of a car accident. I jumped from the car and ran toward the sound of the accident. The scene was utter chaos. My own adrenalin level was pumping but upon arrival at the scene someone told me to calm down and instantly I did. I noticed a young girl about 10 years old standing near one of the vehicles in the collision. She was hysterical – just standing there, screaming. Her father was nearby but was dazed and in shock. I asked him if I could pray for his daughter. He said ‘Yes’. I introduced myself to the young girl and I started to pray. I called her mind, body and spirit out of shock and trauma and I spoke peace and calm to her. Immediately she stopped screaming and calmed down. Panic blocks our ability to think clearly. Our body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin which block access to our frontal lobe – the place of rational and logical solutions. We must take our own pulse first.  That is keep calm so that we can be of some good for ourselves or others.

 Don’t be afraid

God always says it best…

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Do not lose heart

The Amazing Race has taught me to never lose heart, to never give up. Just keep going no matter how bad things seem. There’s always hope until Phil says ‘I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been eliminated from the race’. Another team could have stuffed up and /or it could be a non-elimination round. Just never give up.

Isaiah was a true prophet of the living God. His words to Ahaz were wise and helpful then and they are still good for us today.

When you’re under personal attack, public attack or demonic attack let God meet you and protect you by remembering these words…

Be Careful, Keep Calm, Don’t be afraid and Don’t lose heart.

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxox

One Comment to “Fighting Back!”

  1. How many hundreds of people have died in a panic rush in a fire, a sports arena or a street march. How many Followers of the Way have done or said nasty things because they reacted instead of served Jesus. Good words (again).

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