The Search for Spirituality


Picture this. You’re humming along doing life. Demographically you’re in your late 30’s, early 40’s. All the craziness of your 20’s is long gone. You’re starting to feel like you’re not treading water anymore. On the whole you seem to be stepping forward more than stepping backward. You’ve got your head sorted out and you like yourself more days than you hate yourself. Financially you’re stable and there is a little extra to go around for holidays. You always feel tired and have no time to read anything but you love your friends and catch up with them as much as you can. Health wise – you might have to think twice about bending down to pick something up, the gym is hard work and you have to move small print items forward and back to find your wavering focal point. You might even care about cholestrol levels and your salt intake.  On the whole you’re somewhat content, settled and satisfied. But there is this quiet but persistent voice that has been crying out in the back of your mind ….what now then? Is that it? Is this all there is?

I have just started reading a great book right now called ‘The Critical Journey – Stages in the Life of Faith’. The author puts it like this in the introduction. ‘People experience a measure of success and satisfaction in their lives or professions. Then over a period of time they slowly become disillusioned with that success. Some begin to wonder if there is not something more, a deeper meaning, for their lives. They seek greater fulfilment, more balance or perhaps, something beyond themselves. Quite self-sufficient, they often fail to recognize that the struggle may not be simply vocational but at its core, spiritual.’

What if this is you? You’ve thought to yourself…I decided years ago that religion and spiritual stuff were poppycock and that they held nothing for me but you find you can’t ignore these nagging feelings of doubt. You might funnel these feelings and thoughts into a spiritual journey to find greater meaning, purpose and wholeness in your life. So then, how does one start a spiritual journey? Answer: With the just one step.  You might aswell acknowledge to yourself that you’re on the journey andf fort the time  being leave the destination undefined. You ‘re officially on an adventure.  Give yourself permission to re-assess former conclusions and start afresh. Seek out those who have what you want to find.

From the book again…

A journey involves process, action, movement, change, experiences, stops and starts, variety, humdrum and surprises. A journey implies more than a quick trip.

Here are some ideas to consider when you start such a journey:

  • travelling companions
  • stopping points along the way
  • modes of transport
  • having to pack for a wide variety of experiences
  • making plans and preparations
  • over packing for contingencies
  • having a map, compass and guidebook
  • people to visit along the way
  • budgeting – the cost in time, energy and money

I encourage you to focus on the process and passage, leaving the destination undefined. You can’t really know where you’re going to end up because you’ve never been there before. Also does the journey really ever end? Twenty-five years on and I have never once thought to myself I am too whole and my life has too much purpose and meaning.

So for me this year my spiritual journey is to extend and deepen my faith with God. He is who I found when I unwittingly started my journey.  I have made a declaration to Him this year – ‘Bring me closer to you, no matter the consequences’. I am just hungry for more of what I have already experienced.

I would love you to be one of my travelling companions as I read and journey through this book. If you would like to order the book here is a link. Click here.

Let me know if you are up for the road trip. Email me at

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxo

6 Comments to “The Search for Spirituality”

  1. I love it that we are travel buddies. Destination love !

  2. To start the year my wife and I are reading for our devotional time together “The Most Difficult Journey You Will Ever Make”, “Pilgrim’s Progress” with the language modernized.The power of that book still echoes today. Life is a journey, whether you get pushed along, drift through it or engage in it. May this part of your journey be good for you and all who side with you. Keep us informed about your discoveries, please. That’s the kind of travelogue I’m really interested in.

  3. Love you beautiful Adelaide Lady Catherine xoxo

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