Home is where the Heart Is

imagesI didn’t realise our time in Australia would run out so quickly. It was as if someone smashed the bottom of our hour glass and the sand spilled out in seconds. Time just fell out of our lives. The sadness of saying goodbye to so many friends and family personally overwhelmed me and I would ask myself  why? Why were we doing this? Quickly the face of a sex trafficked girl would come hurtling to the front of my mind. A girl kidnapped and abused who is so numb to the horror of her life that she wishes daily that her hour glass would break forever.  This is where God takes me ~ back to the first  place he called me ~ back to girls of Moldova, a cause I could lay my life down for. I deeply share the vision God  gave John for a church in the UK because it is the best vehicle for God to do the work in Moldova. When  Northern Lights Church was conceived the nation of  Moldova was being knit into its DNA.

The trip to the UK itself was mostly uneventful. With excess luggage  we required a favourable hostess at the Melbourne check in and got one. With final hugs and kisses we said goodbye to a small group of friends and entered Customs. After a 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi we paid through the nose to spend 4 hours in a private lounge. Had a glorious shower and ate some yummy food, back on the plane again bound for Manchester only 7 hours this time. After picking up our bags we cleared customs quickly being greeted by one smiling  Stephen Wyndham – our former Senior Pastor and good friend.

John awoke the next morning excited at our arrival, me not so much. I felt flat and tired. We ticked off a multitude of necessary but mundane tasks but my mood remained under a shadow all day. We arranged to meet with a real estate agent in Halifax the following day. The next morning I awoke at 1.30 am excited and jet lagged all at the same time. Something had shifted. The only way I can describe that morning was that ´I felt destiny swirling around me´. For over 13 months this day was in the planning, The reason I hadn’t been excited was because my heart knew it was still in transit. I was not in Halifax yet.

As we drove the one and half hours from Southport to Halifax tears of joy welled up in me. How good was God to bring us safe thus far. Today was the day – there would be no more delay! We drove down into Halifax via this enormous semi circular tunnel, ait t first sight it was lush and green and reminded me of my favourite places in Melbourne – Sasafrass. Beautiful beige stone buildings were nestled in the greenery. It looked so right. So perfect.

I realised I had been holding my breath for 13 months. So often I had wondered – would I like it?  Would I arrive and think ´what have we done?. That day was here and I didn’t just like Halifax, I loved Halifax.  Somewhere along the way God had placed a love for this city deep within me and as we got closer and closer I realised how full, rich and mature that love was. I wanted to do a Julie Andrews song in the middle of the main street. I think I even skipped a little as we walked around.

Never have I felt a bond with a geographic location like I do with Halifax. I know that I am meant to be here and here I am meant to be.  My heart is home for the first time in my life.

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxox


21 Comments to “Home is where the Heart Is”

  1. What a beautiful story. I love real-life stories.

  2. Absolutely loved the blog . Took me back to 1999 when a wide eyed and innocent 24 yr kid left everything she knew to nurse in England and travel for 9 mths..largely by myself. I had my first panic attack as the plane hit the tarmac. What a roller coaster ride for me with emotions of leaving my boyfriend of 5 years (who I eventually married) and everything and everyone I knew. Even before I truly knew Him, he was looking out for me. My favorite momento of that trip still is the diary i kept. .. similar to your blog.
    Keep smiling and shining! X

  3. So glad to read this post. God has paved the way for you – inside and outside. I truly am blessed by God blessing you!

  4. All I can say is WOW! What an amazing witness you are to being faithful to God’s calling, even when we are unsure! His plan is being fulfilled and you are being rewarded for your obedience! Go well, my friends! xx

  5. Missing you but absolutely love that you’re living the dream. Truly inspirational!

  6. So excited for you. God bless all that you do over there.

  7. So glad you all made it safe and sound. Now begins your destiny, so many of us never find our hearts desire or the courage to seek it out …To find your heart and souls “home” must be truly inspiring 🙂 Happy happy happy for you, much love and hugs, Em xx.

  8. Hi Caz…I’m so glad to hear you’ve arrived safely. I’m sad that Sadie & I didn’t get to have a big hug from you before you left. I sent cards to you, not sure if you got them before you left – so I’m now sending lots of hugs & kisses via your blog. So happy to hear you’re feeling so at home in Halifax. Miss you lots – Hx

    • We left before the cards arrived but my mum will send them on. Sorry about the hugs and kisses but my thoughts are with you. Many blessings Helene. xoxo

  9. That is amazing and wonderful and God is so good. Bless you sister, I was super excited to see a blog post in my email tonight. Love you lots.

    • Hi Kellie, sorry we left without saying goodbye, I got your message on the phone but had no time to return your call. YOur mum and dad were amazing to us, Thank for all your help xoxo

  10. I’m very excited for you. Just been looking it up on google maps! We had Paul Scanlon speaking at church today, he’ll almost be your church neighbour. Enjoy settling into your new home.

    • That is too funny Annabel as we are going to be at Paul Scanlons church in Bradford while we are setting up ours. We live in such a global village. Thanks for your encouragement. Catherine xoxo

  11. Beautiful Catherine you are fulfilling your dream and destiny god has put upon your life oxox

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