Countdown to the First Service


We are exactly one week away from our first service at Northern Lights Church.

The venue has been booked. The flyers have been designed. The website has gone live. The Halifax Courier is coming this week to do a story on us. The 10,000 flyers have been printed and will be delivered to 10,000 homes reaching possibly 25,000 people this week. The Sermon is being written, prayers have and will be prayed, fasting will probably occur and the launch team will be briefed and released.

There is only one thing that we really care about when it comes to this first service – that God comes! If we are without His presence then we have nothing. We would be like a McDonalds without hamburgers. A KFC without chicken. A pub without beer. God loves the church – it’s his chosen vehicle to move around in. The Church needs lots of different things to grow and be successful but it only needs to lack the presence of God to become a clubhouse of well meaning. We are desperate for the real deal. The holy and tangible presence of God. What does that mean? Isn’t God meant to be everywhere all the time? Yes he is. To be blunt when you are on the toilet he is there with you. The difference is that he doesn’t reveal his presence to you in that moment.

God is with us always but He doesn’t always reveal His presence to us so we must be ruthless in going after him with a hunger that will not be satisfied with anything less than the real deal.

An Open Letter to God

Dearest God,

We invite you to come to not only our first service on November 17th, 2013 but to every service, every meeting, every retreat, every home group, every baptism every kids group and every conference that Northern Lights Church ever holds or opens its doors to. We acknowledge that this is your house and we are your people. We promise to make you welcome and to let you interrupt any and all of our plans. We want you to be free to move upon the hearts and minds of all present and change the lives of anyone including us. We acknowledge that without you we are nothing.

Will you please come God?

An Open Letter to Halifax, West Yorkshire

Halifax, we have fallen in love with your stone buildings and lush green trees. We love that mail comes on a Saturday and that you don’t have mosquitoes. We love your radiator heating and the awesomeness of your insulation. Most of all we love your people. We have been inspired, encouraged and enriched by every person that has come into our home for a meal or a cup of tea. We love the people that employment has bought into our lives and we love our neighbours who don’t have a choice. We love the friends from school that our daughter has made and we love the people that we have met from Churches all across Halifax. You are all doing an amazing job for the Kingdom of God. In return Halifax, we have give you our big Australian hearts and lives. We put it all on the line and hold nothing back from you.

Finally an invitation for you to become a part of the Northern Lights Family.  If you are not already part of a church family then we invite you to come to Northern Lights Church on November 17, 10:30am at the Southwood Club on Birdcage Lane. Come and hear what God has done for you and respond to Him. It will change your life. We expect God to do great things in every service. Don’t miss out. See you then.


John and Catherine

8 Comments to “Countdown to the First Service”

  1. Yes and Amen!

    God will indeed be present and do amazing things.

    Bless you guys heaps.

  2. Hey John, Catherine and Poppy,

    Exciting News,

    May God be with you always leading, directing, guiding, revealing His Divine Presence and enriching you always.

    Bless you heaps and all the very best for your future.

    Peter Mazzei and family.

  3. Dear John, Catherine and Poppy, we love where you are starting from and the foundations that you are building this church on. Very proud of your faithfulness in following the Lords guidance, even when it has been tough to see clearly, but even more proud of the sensitivity and love that are showing to the God’s people around you. That will be your greatest witness. God Bless the Warrens !!!

  4. I am so excited that you are at this point of establishing a place where people are going to hear about Jesus.
    What an encouragement you have been to us in obeying the call of God. Watch out Halifax…. Matt13:31-32
    Love to my friends, Karen

  5. Catherine, John and Poppy. The presence if God is all over your letter and I will be praying for you in the lead up and during your first service. You’re all doing an amazing work for God and he has his hand on your lives. Love you all xx Ali

  6. This is awesome!!

    Praise God!!

    Bring it on!

    Halifax for Jesus

    Love from Hobart


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