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June 20, 2012

Ten Inclusions for every Christian’s Bucket List

As a Christian I believe in eternal life and this belief strongly shapes the way I live my life in the now. I believe that life on Earth is not all there is and that when I die my spirit will live forever in eternity with God. This is called Heaven.

While not comprehensive, here is a list of things I think every Christian should do before they die….

 1. Lead Someone to Christ 

There is no greater joy this side of Heaven then to tell someone about the Good News of Jesus Christ and have them receive it for themselves.  If you know Christ and you’re practising respiration right now than there is a great plan & purpose to your life and God most definitely wants to use you to tell others about Him.

2. Go on a short-term mission’s trip

I have been on two short-term trips. One of them was to Mexico to build a house in the El Florido slum area. The poverty of the people was so confronting that I realised t I held an unexpressed belief that poor people were unhappy and such was their need that they had nothing to give. At one point I got lost in the slum area for almost a whole day and happened on a Christian family of 8. Each day began with just not ever enough of anything they needed. Their faith was so rich because they had to trust God  daily for food, work, water and safety. I took  these things for granted.  It was inspiring. They’re generosity toward me that day was so overwhelming it reduced me to tears. A missions trip will change you forever.

3. Find out what your Spiritual gifts are and use them

So, how do you know what your spiritual gifts are?

  •  You’re good at it.
  • You enjoy using it.
  • Others  recognize it in you.

When you know and use your God-given spiritual gifts and then nurture them with education and use the gift matures. The joy and fulfilment you personally get from using it will determine the depth to which you pursue it.

4. Read the bible cover to cover in a year

The benefit of reading the bible daily has had a huge impact on my day-to-day life and growth as a Christian. I have discovered the perfect ‘reading bible’ for me. This year I bought a ‘one year bible’ that has literally cut the bible up for me. So I flip once to today’s date and I read some old testament, some new testament followed by a bit of the psalms and a few verses from a proverb. It is brilliant and makes my day.

 5. Wash Someone’s feet

There is something powerful and moving about this simple act. My former Pastor in Canada did it for me and it was beautiful. I wept silently overcome by the moment. This great man of God that I respected was down on his knees washing my stinky, gnarly feet.  When we wash someone’s feet, we take on the position of the lowest of servants. True humility is required.

6. Write out your testimony

We will all die one day and you can make it known that you want your ‘testimony’ included in the Eulogy.  The people you love most in the world will probably be there and they will be positioned by their grief to hear some good news. Don’t let them down. This is ‘securest moment’ you’ll ever have to tell people what Christ did for you.

 7. Store up Treasure in Heaven

‘Treasure’ is something we value. The treasures of earth are temporal. They include places, things and material possessions. The treasures of heaven are stored up for us through the practice of spiritual acts such as – prayer, fasting, giving, forgiveness, faith, hope, love, relationship with God and His family and the hope of eternal life in Heaven with our Father.

There is a treasure that is beyond this earth we ought to value and want more than anything else.

8. Do a prolonged Fast

What are we doing when we fast? We are signalling to God that we are hungrier for His Kingdom than for ours! Going without food is not the only thing you can fast but personally I have found no quicker way to realise ‘who I am’ in the light of ‘who He is’. My humanity is obvious to me within hours.

9. See miracles

A couple of years ago I met a man in his fifties who had been a Christian for quite a while. He mentioned that he’d never seen a miracle. I was shocked because I’ve had the privilege of seeing many.  I once spoke into the ear of a woman deaf from birth and heard it pop open, I’ve seen one leg shorter than the other grow out,  I’ve experienced supernatural strength and power when required and  I’ve seen the wind miraculously change direction and put out a fire one metre from my feet.

Everyday, I let God know – I am available to be used by you. Lord, ‘as I go’ about my day please use me to touch the lives of those I come across. I recently stepped out in faith and boldness with my local florist and acting upon a word of knowledge given to me by God I was able to greatly encourage her with God’s love.

10. For your encouragement I’ve shared nine of the ten things on my bucket list. For my encouragement, what is one thing that you would add to this bucket list? 

Over and Out,

Catherine xox

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