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June 25, 2013

Real Paranormal Activity

Godly encountersI was lying awake in bed the other night listening to John breathe, it was about 2.30 am. We had gone to bed late and my mind was still winding down from our busy and full day. I turned over to face the outer side of the bed and there were two people – a man and woman standing next to my bed. I didn’t freak out or yell out in fright because a week earlier I had experienced something similar. I had seen the shadow of a young girl about Poppy’s age beside my bed – in fact I thought it was Poppy. At that time I sat up and reached out but my hand went right through the shadow and then it disappeared. I gasped loudly and woke up John. I guess in some way that prepared me for seeing this couple standing beside my bed. I must be plain speaking here – they were very, very real. After looking at them for a moment the ‘couple’ disappeared but I prayed and asked God ‘What were they?’. I was thinking they could be angels. Suddenly the couple reappeared and as I was looking at them, the man’s jaw seemd to unlock and his teeth punched out of his mouth and came at me hissing, snarling and gnashing. Freak me out! Instantly I felt this enormous sense of fear. Not of the man himself but of going to England to start the church. Negative and fearful thoughts bombarded my mind. Thoughts that I have never experienced before or since!

As a Christian, my worldview contains a belief of not just God and the Angelic but also Satan and the Demonic. The bible says that when Satan (an angel) was kicked out of heaven (because he wanted to take over God’s job) it says he took a third of the angels with him. Over 25 years of ministry I have encountered ‘demonic angels’ regularly but I must admit in the last 5 years these kinds of experiences have occurred less and less. Why? I believe it is because I have come to know who I am. I am the daughter of the King of the Universe. He loves me, protects me and has given me His authority to tell them to rack off and I have done so. After God showed me who this ‘couple’ really were I had this outrage well up inside of me. I thought ‘How dare this demon couple come into my bedroom and scare me.’ The following evening John and I prayed over the house and our bedroom and I know that that yucky thing is now gone.

When you start recounting ‘paranormal experiences’ everybody has a story. Stories of lights flickering on and off, looking for something and finding it in a place you’ve already looked in, ghostly apparitions and noises etc. There used to be a TV show many years ago called the Twilight Zone and it would try to explain these types of experiences but sometimes they can’t just be explained away because there is really a paranormal realm that exists. In fact there are two. Two Kingdoms battling for the hearts and minds of all people. The Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. The goal of the Kingdom of Darkness is to rob, kill and destroy. The goal of the Kingdom of Light is to bring love, freedom and eternal life.

When I have paranormal encounters from either Kingdom they have an ‘emotional feel’ that goes with them. Demonic experiences leave me feeling scared, hopeless, misunderstood, alone, rejected, confused and burdened and in contrast Godly experiences leave me feeling safe, encouraged, joyful, peaceful, protected, clear headed and light.

If you are experiencing demonic paranormal activity in and around your life – cry out to God to help you and He certainly will! The truth is the battle has been already won. Christ secured victory with His death on the cross. If you need to talk to someone most churches are equipped with people and processes to help and they are a far cry of those shown in movies like the exorcist and paranormal activity.

I am more than happy to help or guide you toward people in your area that can help you with this. Don’t hesitate to contact me via our blog email address:

blogsidebyside@gmail .com

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxox

June 6, 2012

My First Rendezvous with a Miracle

Most of the supernatural encounters I have experienced have happened outside of the four walls of the church. The ministry of Jesus Christ which set the bar for what a ‘supernatural’ life might look was the same. In His first miracle Jesus truly showed He had some Aussie in Him by turning water into wine at a wedding. My former pastor put it like this – Jesus was an ‘as you go Christian’. That is  – as He was going  from here to there doing life He would encounter real people living real lives and He would minister to them in all manner of ways most of which involved supernatural miracles.

Throughout my life I have had some fairly radical ‘as you go’ supernatural encounters. I could probably be more proactive at seeking out these experiences but everyday I just let God know that I’m available to be used by Him in whatever way He sees fit and things just seem to happen.

I attended Bible College in Vancouver, Canada from 1989 -1992 and lived with a couple of other female students. I worked part-time at a burger joint called A&W to cover my bills. One Friday night as I made my way home from work I was walking up the corridor to our second floor apartment. I could hear a woman crying out for help. It wasn’t that loud but there was no mistaking the fear in her voice. The cry was coming from the apartment directly opposite my own. We were new to the building and we hadn’t yet met any of the neighbours. I stopped to listen and I could only hear my own heart beating loudly. Again the cry for help came. At that moment my heart was filled with courage and I committed myself to getting involved. I said to God ‘You better cover me because I’m going in.’ and at that I knocked on the door of the apartment where the cry was coming from.

The door was pulled open inwards and to the left I could see a couple cowering in the corner. They appeared to be very scared. A big man’s face came into to view through the partially open door. I asked if everything was ok and he told me that it was and to go away. Just as he was about to shut the door in my face I heard the whimper of a woman even though I could not see her and with that I stuck my foot in the door just before it closed. I then pushed the door further open. A very big man – a goliath of sorts had already turned his attention back to a very petite woman whose terrified eyes pleaded with me to help her. Goliath turned around and he was very angry. Whatever had been about to happen had been clearly interrupted and he was not a happy camper. Not one bit.

A violent fury washed over his face and I could the smell the strong scent of alcohol. He started to yell and swear at me – well at least I think that is what he did because for some reason I suddenly couldn’t hear a word he was saying. I started to smile a bit because without any sound he looked really funny going off his rocker. This made him even angrier. He tried to use the door to push me out of the apartment but I was having none of that. I was INVOLVED now. When it dawned on him that the plans had changed he went to either hit me or physically push me and then the unexplainable happened. I reached up and grabbed the shoulders of this man who was easily over 6 ft tall and weighed at least 120 kilos (240 lbs). I squeezed him hard and then as if he was a child I picked him up off the ground and threw him at least 5 metres down the corridor of the apartment building and at the same time I said ‘In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you’. He got up off the floor and looked back at me and with terror he ran for his life. Everyone stood shocked. Literally mouths dropped open, including my own.

The story went like this; the couple who were renting the apartment had invited the other two over as a blind date set up. They had all been drinking and doing recreational drugs all day. Goliath had begun to make advances toward the woman and had become increasingly aggressive until he’d tried to drag her to a bedroom to rape her. The other couple were too scared to call the police because of the all the drug paraphernalia and were in no condition to physically apprehend him because they were out of it. It was at this point that I entered the scene.

While I have ‘attended’ a building called a church for many years I have always instinctively understood that it’s just bricks and mortar. Jesus doesn’t live there because He lives in me. The simple truth is that WE are the church, the literal body of Christ. He’s not pinned to an address. You and I are His living legs, arms and voice. We all have the potential to live ‘as you go’ supernatural lives.  Sadly, even though Jesus lives in billions of people world-wide He is imprisoned by a cultural lie that tells us that the supernatural is just make-believe and only for TV shows.

Jesus is relevant and real and He is still using His church, which is you and me, to deliver the supernatural to a world that so desperately needs it. Let what is in you come out of you!

Maybe your reading this blog post and you need a supernatural act of God in your circumstances. You’ve done everything you can do and you’re at breaking point. Something has just got to give and right now your in a place that you have nothing to lose. Maybe you need a healing miracle for yourself or someone you love, maybe you need a financial miracle or you need breakthrough in a relationship with someone.  Maybe  you need a miracle that can supernaturally free you from an addiction that is robbing you of joy in your life. Maybe you’ve been trying to get pregnant and you’ve lost all hope that it will ever happen for you. Whatever your need, Jesus absolutely loves you and cares about that miracle you need, and so do I.

I absolutely want you to hear this – I will stand with you and believe and pray for the miraculous breakthrough you need in your life or in the life of someone you love. My email address is at the bottom of this post. May God give you the tiniest seed of faith and courage right now to do that, to send me an email to ask me to pray. I promise you that I will do it. I am committed to getting INVOLVED!  Better still, If you live anywhere near Australia then come to a Planetshakers Miracle and Testimony Service held every Sunday night at 5.30 pm at the Melbourne City Campus. God is showing up and doing miracles. There is one with your name on it. I don’t care if you’re not a christian, I don’t care if you’re a buddhist, I don’t care if you’re an atheist,  if you need a miracle – COME! If you click on the link below you can get the address details and if you let me know you’re coming I’ll meet you there!

Your miracle awaits you, give God a chance to turn your life and your situation around!


My private email address:

Peace be with you. Over and Out,

Catherine xo

April 11, 2012

Gypsies, trash and Miracles

                                               The Roma Flag
                                                       The Roma Flag

When I hear the word ‘Gypsy’ vivid pictures of gaily coloured caravans, a woman shrouded in scarves fortune telling and children begging or committing petty theft spring to my mind. I have this antiquated picture of colourful and merry bands of entertainers and musicians rolling into some peaceful town. I’ve never met a Gypsy so my reality and perspective of what a gypsy is has been shaped primarily by the media, which probably means it’s distorted and exaggerated.

As a people group Gypsies refer to themselves collectively as Romany, Romanies, Romanis, Roma or Roms. The term ‘gypsy’ is considered derogatory by some members of the Roma community because of its negative and stereotypical associations but the wide use of it by the English speaking world has bought a reluctant acceptance and adoption of it by the Roma as well.

While they are known to be nomadic in nature historically Roma originate from India. Many of their cultural and social beliefs are strongly rooted in the Hindu Caste System. Roma place the utmost importance on family and often multiple generations live together. Fidelity within marriage and virginity in unmarried woman is essential. Couples marry very young often in their mid to late teens and divorce is rare. In February 2010 an observational documentary called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was broadcast in Britain. It was so popular it became a series. It follows the story of four gypsy brides as they prepare for their wedding day. The weddings are visual spectacles and the brides compete to have the most flamboyant of dresses. A show promotion reads ‘ancient tradition meets modern fashion as Gypsy teens embrace the sometimes garish extremes of the celebrity world.’

Why am I so interested in all things Gypsy? In 3 months time I will be travelling to Slovakia via the UK and Vienna. I will be joining a team which includes youth from Czech, members of a local Slovak church and Gypsy Christians. In cooperation with the local government we will be clearing an illegal dump and cleaning up other areas of the village. The project slogan is “I Love My City”. We believe that this initiative is an opportunity for the Roma, often seen as a curse in a community, to be seen as a blessing.

I love all things supernatural and throughout its history Roma people have had an intense relationship with the supernatural. While fortune telling is considered to be a source of livelihood, it’s not something that they practice amongst themselves. They do however strongly embrace a principle of healing (called advising). It incorporates many supernatural themes including omens, curses, charms, amulets, talismans, potions and healing rituals. Their belief is that they prevent misfortune or heal sickness. Roma women are the caretakers of all medical knowledge – traditional and scientific. A female healer who prescribes these cures or preventatives is called a drabarni or drabengi. Roma people are open to healing, miracles, prophecy and deliverance. It’s most likely to be a big part of this trip. All I can say is bring it!

I’m thrilled to be gaining access into this fascinating and mystical community even if  it’s for such a short time. I do think that someone needs to warn the people of Cachtice that I’m on the way. Tell them Catherine Warren, a ‘drabarni of Jesus’  is coming and she is about to love on them big time.

Over and Out,

Catherine xoxox

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